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Cute nail designs 2014 ideas

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Nail designs for short nails
Short nails
Simple nail designs

There’s no girl in the world who doesn’t like to be well dressed with so many sophisticated accessories, creating in that way her own style and recognition. We are pretty much sure than cute nail designs 2014 can help you in that. They are to be very fashionable and cute, and if nicely done with a touch of imagination, they will leave really deep impression on all people who see them, so take few minutes and find out what are the latest trends.

Cute nail designs

Find your style

Having in mind that this special and new art is slowly becoming real art, girls won’t have many difficulties in finding the right cute nail designs 2014. When talking about this, don’t be afraid, there are really no limits or some rules that you should follow, the only limit is your freedom and creativity. Read more »

Pretty nail designs for short nails

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Not all the girls can have long nails, due to its pour quality or job obligations, but don’t worry, short nails are very cute, as well, and with some cool ideas for nail designs for short nails you will be very happy to have them.

Designs for short nails

Advantage of short nails

Before we discus about some solutions for cute nail designs 2014 for short nails, we could say a few words on good sides of short nails. They never cause any troubles and do not distract you in your daily duties as long nails can, if they are too long. Read more »

How to do simple nail designs 2014

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In order to be noticed, it is not necessary to complicate always! Sometimes something very simple can be effective enough to leave deep impression! So is the case with simple nail designs 2014.

Simple nail designs 2013

Plain colors

Well, what comes to mind in the first place for these wonderful and very trendy styles are some plain colors. What make nowadays trends different from the previous ones are some new rules. Read more »